Natalia Osipova photo by Gene Schiavone

the first (and for me personally one and only) good looking photo of Natalia as swan!

And the only decent photo of her pointe shoes.

Svetlana Zakharova

Svetlana Zakharova in Kirov’s Manon
Photo by Natasha Razina

Yuriko Kajiya and Jared Matthews, Soloists with American Ballet Theatre. Photo by NYC Dance Projectwww.nycdanceproject.com

Gelsey Kirkland stretching
barre-centre :  hi! could u give me more info on the gelsey kirkland summer intensive? i will be auditioning next summer (2015). Pros and Cons :) THANKS


Yes! I actually just made a whole post about my GKA experience which you can find on my about page, or just click here. :)

reblogging because she has great info on the program!


Gelsey Kirkland.
barre-centre :  How was the Neglia Ballet Summer Intensive? Pros and Cons?



Overall, it was the best experience I’ve ever had.


  • Year-round students are very welcoming
  • Great studios
  • Very friendly & helpful office staff (shoutout to Kim, who personally helped me set up appointments at the chiropractor and even helped transport me there, as I was dorming away from home)
  • Excellent housing program
  • Lots of trust & freedom for the older students
  • Great location in Buffalo’s Elmwood Village
  • Exceptionally qualified teachers! You can read their specifics on the website. 
  • A wide variety of styles & classes taught (Vaganova, Cecchetti, Balanchine, Pointe, Modern, Jazz, Repertoire, Men’s, 
  • Nurturing atmosphere
  • take your health & happiness seriously
  • it is geared toward aspiring professionals
  • just plain fabulous training- one of the teachers there, Natalya Boesch of PNB & ABT attended SAB in her youth, and in a conversation with me said she wished she could have gone to Neglia instead. 
  • no strict dress code
  • in-studio filtered water cooler!


  • as the summer program is attended by international students, year-round Neglia students, as well as US local students, I found I sometimes felt like I wasn’t being paid as much individual attention as the foreign students/students the teachers already know
  • one of the more pricey programs if you house there
  • class starts early in the morning. you gotta be prepared to spend a solid 7 hours in the studio building :/
  • not much else to be honest…it’s an incredible program

thanks for asking!! hope this helps


I had a friend take a video of my Italian fouette today and jfc it feels so normal and then I watch it and I whack my leg so much and it’s so tacky I wanna cry 😭


Lucia Lacarra and Cyril Pierre in The Lady of the Camellias




Svetlana Zakharova in the documentary, ‘Ballerina’

Sveta u are precious

Lol me during nutcracker

Just realized she’s 35 and she’s still dancing though.

And she’s still doing it beautifully.


Universally Unspoken Studio Rules.


Ok enough with the teasers, here are some actual gifs of the video I took to correct myself today

Viktoria Tereshkina was my inspiration for the first gif and Olesya Novikova was easily my inspiration for that last one

the middle one is my own interpretation of Aurora, could use a bit more life, working very hard on it stylistically


I think I’m going to make a new drinking game during dance moms. Every time Abby says “Maddie” take a shot!